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What is a Consultant?

A Consultant is a person who provides objective expertise to help his or her Client reach valuable conclusions, make important decisions, and take actions that are critical to the Client’s business.

ARMS Consultants are just that, professional problem-solvers who help our Clients get to the bottom of their Risk Management, Strategic Planning, and Human Resource-related problems.

Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management is a broad term in business and industry. However, at Absolute Risk Management Solutions, risk management involves helping our clients manage their Workers’ Compensation and Loss Time Injuries.

Why should I hire a Risk Management Consultant?

That is a terrific question! Most companies look at Workers’ Compensation as just the “cost of doing business.” As a result, they may often find themselves facing mounting injury claims and paying insurance costs that are skyrocketing out-of-control. However, at Absolute Risk Management Solutions, we can help you take a proactive approach.

What is an Experience MOD?

Your company’s experience MOD is like your driving record. It tells your insurance company about your past claims. Your insurer uses this information to help determine their risk in insuring your business.

Consequently, the lower your experience MOD the better. A MOD of 1.0 is considered par. Anything above 1.0 indicates that insuring your company is a higher risk. anything below 1.0 means that your company poses a lower risk to insure, and may even make you eligible for discounts on your insurance premiums. That’s why companies should be aware of what their experience MOD is at any given time.

How does my Experience MOD affect my business?
faq1Your Experience MOD could be the difference between your company’s and your competitor’s operating costs, thereby making it more difficult for your business to compete. Plus, if your Experience MOD is already high, your company’s next Work Comp claim could cause you to have to enter into an insurance pool, where you would pay much higher premiums. If your MOD is already extremely high, an additional claim could leave you uninsurable, and unable to keep your business going. For further information, we suggest you contact one of our experts to learn how ARMS can help you manage your company’s Experience MOD.

Can ARMS help our company if we are self-insured and/or working with a Third-Party Administrator (TPA)?

Yes. In fact, it may be more important if you are self- insured. Remember, your TPA simply processes your claims. What your company needs is the right system in place that actually let’s you reduce those claims! Call ARMS and let one of our experts give you the full details on the pros and cons of being self-insured.

How does ARMS Risk Management process work?

ARMS begins by assessing our Clients’ measurable “potential risk.” Next, we provide our Clients with a Risk Management Matrix that helps them quantify their risk. Finally, we consult with the Client to determine the safety training, certifications, and other solutions they need to provide their employees a safer workplace, while lowering their overall cost of doing business.

Will I get a return on my investment?

Yes! With ARMS, you will! Our typical risk management Client enjoys anywhere from a 3% to as high as 29% annual return on their overall investment using ARMS Risk Management services. You may realize these returns through reductions in your Workers’ Compensation premiums, a reduction in overtime, lower re-training or worker replacement costs, or a higher profit margin on the revenue to expense ratio your company generates.

More importantly however, by providing your employees with a safer workplace, you gain the greatest return of all – safer, healthier, happier workers – people who will work with you to protect your collective investment!

Whom do I contact for my Free Consultation?

Click here for Contact information or give our office a call, and you will be directed to a Consultant who can meet your needs.

Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning?faq2

Strategic Planning is a facilitated process through which your company can develop a shared vision for success, and a detailed, 3- to 5-year action plan for how to achieve it.

Typically this includes facilitating Strategic Planning Retreats in which ARMS helps Clients develop their Vision, develop or re-define their Mission, define broad Goal areas and Goals, develop (S.M.A.R.T.) Objectives, identify the Critical Success Factors and Barriers to success, develop effective Strategies, and finally, assign specific Action Steps and Accountability for Plan Implementation.

What is a Facilitator?

Great question! A Facilitator is a person who guides participants through a series of pre-defined steps to arrive at a result that is created, understood, and accepted by all participants. ARMS team of facilitators are not just facilitators, they are Certified Professional Facilitators (CPFs), meaning they have the proven ability to guide Clients through any number of facilitated sessions.

Once the Strategic Plan is developed, will ARMS continue to work with us to implement the plan?

Yes. Based on your needs, ARMS will work with you to get your company well along the road toward your success even after the initial engagement. At the very least that means debriefing with the Project Sponsor, and working with you to Monitor & Assess your progress against the Plan’s Objectives over time. By working with you after the initial engagement, ARMS will help you implement your comprehensive new Plan, and get the best possible results from the energy and time your team has invested in the process.

Besides Strategic Planning, does ARMS provide any other facilitated services?

Absolutely! In addition to Strategic Planning, ARMS facilitates Project Planning, Process Improvement, Process Reengineering, Issue Resolution, Conflict / Dispute Resolution, Team Building, Leadership Development, Board Composition Modeling, Succession Planning, and Other Key Business Services.

Is there any sized company or organization that is too large or too small to take advantage of ARMS services?

No, not all. In fact, each of the services offered through ARMS Strategic Planning Division can be tailored to suit your company’s or organization’s needs. And you can rest assured that ARMS will utilize the same proven methodology, and that you will receive the same quality, professional results, regardless of whether your company is large or small!

Does ARMS serve not-for-profit companies and organizations? What about government entities?

Again the answer is, “Yes!” Our consulting and facilitating methodologies work for any company, organization, government entity, or municipality. In fact, a list of our satisfied Clients have includes several of the nation’s leading not-for-profit and governmental organizations including the Centers for Disease Control, the National Kidney Foundation, and the United States Department of Veteran’s affairs.

How can I obtain additional information?

Click here for Contact information. We will be happy to talk with you about how ARMS Strategic Planning Division may be able to help facilitate your company’s success. We look forward to hearing from you!

Human Resource Services

What kind of Human Resource Services do you provide?

ARMS offers a full range of Human Resource Services, the services you could typically expect from a Human Resource Director, HR Manager, and Staff.

These services include: Human Resource Policy Review; State, Local and Federal Compliance (including OSHA, Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission); Full-service Recruiting (from Pre-employment Screening, Post-employment Orientation); Employee Guidebook Development; Writing and/or Reviewing Drug Policy; Employee Conduct Policy Development & Review; Emergency Response Plan Development, and more… ARMS can either be your company’s sole HR provider, or serve as a useful, resource to your company’s existing one.
faq3However, ARMS can offer these services for a fraction of the cost.

What if we already have a Human Resource Department? Do I still the HR Services that ARMS can offer?

Even if your company has a Human Resource Department, ever-changing laws, policies, and mandates can make it difficult for your department to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Obviously, such needs will vary from company to company. However, by supplementing your existing HR Team with ARMS Human Resource Services, you may be able to take a more targeted approach to dealing with any of the more cumbersome HR and Policy Administration, Compliance, Training, and Labor Relations issues your company may be facing, even if only on a short term basis. If you are still unsure however, a Free Consultation with one of our HRS Relationship Managers can help you evaluate your company’s needs. Click here for Contact information.