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“For the last two years, Absolute Risk Management Solutions (ARMS) has provided, and continues to provide, a variety of professional services to OSF Healthcare System. These services have been related to:

· Strategic planning
· Team Building
· Program Implementation, and
· Education and Training.

ARMS provides OSF high quality service in a professional manner. ARMS is willing to accept new challenges and is often instrumental in helping OSF to challenge traditional ways of thinking. ARMS has helped OSF establish goals and continues to work with us to measure our successes and to set new goals.

OSF enjoys a strong working relationship with ARMS and looks forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship.”

“Ruyle Mechanical Services, Inc., along with our subsidiary companies, Horizon Group, Inc. (Peoria, IL), Lewis Industrial Services, Inc. (Muscatine, IA) and Environmental Control Solutions, Inc. (Springfield, IL) have retained the services of Absolute Risk Management Solutions (ARMS) as our single-source risk management, strategic planning and human resources provider.

Our companies maintain a presence in 48 states, employing both union and non-union skilled trades. Since 2007, ARMS has served our companies in ways that are both unique and creative, while adding tremendous value to us as well as to the clients we serve. That is why we are pleased to recommend them to you.”


We have been asked to write this letter of recommendation because ARMS has provided vital business support to our company, AFE Construction, Inc. We have been in a business relationship with ARMS for about 1½ years.

It is with no hesitation that we recommend this company after working with them and knowing how they operate with integrity and honesty. Personally, I am also quite comfortable in vouching for both Andre Williams and Kelly Peterson, both of these individuals are concerned about the needs of others and active citizens in this community.

As far as a company to do business with, ARMS is one of the best we have dealt with. They have been very diligent about providing information as stated and are very clear in detailing expectations and how they will be met. They have provided us a number of services related to Human Resource Management, Compliance Management and have also helped us with an arbitration matter. ARMS also met with my staff to develop an excellent strategic plan which invigorated our sense of urgency to accomplish the things we have set out to do. This meeting also allowed us to prioritize the things that needed to be accomplished and likewise established and defined each staff member in their appropriate function. ARMS also provided education, training and oversight as necessary to meet the needs of our small business.

Based on our experience we would strongly recommend working with Absolute Risk Management Solutions and believe they have the professionalism and vision necessary to be an asset to any company they are in business relationship with.


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