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Human Resource Services

In today’s workplace, managing a Human Resource Department can be a daunting and cumbersome task for most companies. As a result, Human Resource Departments and the functions they manage can easily become inefficient, ineffective, under-staffed and out-dated.

However, ARMS’ HR Service Professionals provide planning, direction, and execution of all HR activity including:

* Full-service Recruitment & Hiring Services
* New Employee Orientation
* HR Record-keeping
* Competitive Wage Rate & Salary Surveys
* Benefit Plan Evaluation & Recommendations

Plus, ARMS HR Professionals can provide your company with the services you would typically expect from a HR Director, Manager, & Staff, but for a fraction of the cost. In fact, ARMS features a full array of Human Resource Services, such as:

* HR Administration
* Policy Administration
* EEO Compliance Resources
* Safety/Training Coordination
* Labor Relations

As a result our clients receive the benefit of up-to-date HR compliance and methods, more productive, better educated staff, and improved management/labor relations.

ARMS Human Resource Solutions include:


* Company Policy Review & Compliance
* Job Function & Job Risk Analysis
* Annual Filings, Reporting, & Answers

Pre-Employment Screening:

* Addressing Gaps in Employment
* Performing Background Checks (State and/or Federal)
* Job Description Compatibility
* Aptitude & Agility Testing
* Physical Appearance
* Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

Post-Employment Orientation:* Review of Company Policies
* DOL & OSHA Requirement Certifications
* Employee Rights
* Expectations: Company &
Employee Ergonomics:* Reducing Repetitive Motion Injuries
* Reviewing Pneumatic Tool Use
* Reducing Static Functions
* Surveying Correct Posturing Positions
* Developing Ergonomics Esthetics
Drug Testing:* Post-Employment Offer
* Random
* For-Cause
* Mandatory Post-Accident
Case Management:* Evaluating & Investigating Claims for Merit
* Reviewing Medical Billing
* Designing Return to Work Programs
* Investigating Pre-existing Conditions
* Investigating Accidents for Root Cause
* Recommending Corrective Measures

Training (Certified Professional Facilitator-led Available):

* OSHA, DOL Compliance
* Supervisor & Management
* Company Policy
* Safety Meetings
* Ergonomics DVDs
* Risk Assessment DVDs

ARMS flexible Human Resource Services makes us ideal to partner with companies – large or small – whether or not they have an existing Human Resource Department. Plus, our expertise makes ARMS a valuable supplement to Third-Party Administrators, Municipalities, and even Government Agencies.

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