ARMS "A Safer Place to Be!"

Risk Management

In a legal environment that increasingly favors workers over the employers who manage them, like most businesses, school districts and municipalities are finding that they need to look for more proactive ways to mitigate their risk from Workers’ Compensation and other injury claims, while at the same time managing their employees post-accident behavior through an effective Return-to-Work Program.

However, with Consultants who understand the consequence side of risk management, Absolute Risk Management Solutions’ professionals combine technical expertise with professional consulting skills, and a proven track record of delivering results – results that lead to Safer Workplaces, Fewer Claims, and Shorter Return-to-work Times.
ARMS’ Methodology comprises of:

1. Risk Assessment
2. Goal-setting
3. Plan Implementation
4. Case Management & return to work program
5. Accident investigation
6. Safety training

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